A. C.I.V.iC. D.U.T.y, A Civic Duty?

What is a civic duty? “Civic duty” may conjure up many different ideas about what makes us good citizens, but there is an actual list of basic duties. And it is pretty short. Staying informed of the issues affecting your community and participating in your local community are both on the list of responsibilities presented to those seeking citizenship to the United States. Caring for our communities is one of the baseline expectations of being a good American.

So what is A. C.I.V.iC. D.U.T.y? It is a new acronym proposed by Jose-Luis Jimenez to help us understand how to protect ourselves and loved ones from covid-19. Spelled out it means: avoid crowded indoors, low ventilation, close proximity, long duration unmasked singing/talking/shouting.

Jimenez is a professor at University of Colorado at Boulder and prominent expert on aerosols. Aerosols are tiny, tiny particles that can linger in the air for hours without proper ventilation (yikes). More research is suggesting that coronavirus could be airborne. So, in addition, to the “droplets” we hear about, aerosol is now part of the conversation. 

Admittedly, A. C.I.V.iC. D.U.T.y, is a mouthful as far as acronyms go; and it may be difficult to remember all at once. However, the phrase “a civic duty” is a strong reminder we are all connected. Even if we can’t recite every letter’s meaning in the acronym, we should all be focused on helping our communities. Things as simple as wearing a mask when in the presence of people outside our household or “pod” shows concern about those around us and in turn makes us caring citizens.

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