Frequently Asked Questions

What size will my “made to order” mask be?

I have split my masks into 2 sizes: XL and Signature. The “JM Signature Mask” is designed to fit almost all adult faces. When you order a “made to order mask” this is the size sent, unless another request is made. A sizing diagram is coming soon.

Who is the XL mask meant for?

This mask is great for adults who want a roomier fit, folks with substantial facial hair, those using an “inner mask support” and people who want to cover up another mask like an N-95

How do I care for my mask?

Your mask is machine washable. I put my masks in a “lingerie bag” and wash them on hot with my towels. Hand washing is also effective.

Where is my mask made?

I work out of my home in South Austin.

I noticed a small blue spot on my mask. What’s up with that?

That is from a tailor’s pencil. This helps mark parts of the pattern during construction. It will go away after your first wash. You may see these spots on the sides where the pleats form.

How do I put my mask on?
Do you have two really cute cats?

YES! Thanks for asking. If you have a pet allergy please consider this when shopping. I do my best to keep them away from my work but they are very persistent helpers.

I have extra bias tape/fabric/thread. Can I give it to you?

YES! YES! YES! And thank you! Call or text me at 512-552-1021 and I will arrange pick up or shipping.

Will you sew masks with fabric I already own?

Yes! I love custom projects. You can reach me at 512-552-1021. We can arrange pick-up or shipping.

How can I donate money to this project?

Thank you so much for asking! You can use the PayPal donate button below. I am also on Venmo @JM-Stallings.

Where can I find more details about what you’re doing and why?

Find out more on the About Our Masks page.